I'm Dorena Williamson, mama bear of four, lover of Lulu our little Morkie, and a thirty-year fan of my hubs!

I love coffee, reading on the beach, and DC comic heroes Wonder Woman and Superman, even though my man is an avid Marvel collector. Whether it's in the Bible, books, or on the big screen, I love a good story!

My resume is quite eclectic: I've worked as a social counselor, a staff worship leader, and currently as a stylist with national brand Evereve. I get to give a heart-filled styling experience to women, and my teen daughters regularly shower me with compliments. Glory! 

Something else that’s super important to me is talking about race and justice. My life's work has been leading and loving a multicultural church for over two decades with Chris. (What’s up all my Strong Tower people!) I try to honor God in speaking up about race with grace and truth. I love every opportunity to stand on large stages or sit in homes and talk about God's Diverse Kingdom.

Hands down, my most important job has been raising kids for 25 years, and trying to keep all my gray covered up! I’ve read aloud tons of illustrated books to my crew and to school kids. And even though my house has outgrown those books, I’m still pretty passionate about the messages our kids get about themselves and the world around them. With a holy nudge after years of teaching, I’ve jumped into writing with both feet. So if you see me swayin’ and singin’ to a little Earth, Wind & Fire, know this; I’m just a shining star, trying to impact this next generation by letting my light shine for Jesus. Come join me!