Bridge Builder, Speaker, Writer



Celebrating all colors.  
Building cultural bridges.
Motivating lasting change.



Hi, I'm Dorena!

My passion for diversity stems from growing up in a Pastor’s home that welcomed missionaries and people from around the world. In college I met and fell in love with Chris, and in 1992 as newlyweds, we  moved to Nashville, TN to further Chris’ Christian rap musical career.

But God had a different plan; He took a Baptist-raised couple, connected us to a Presbyterian, wealthy white church in a historic civil war town, to do urban ministry in the low-income black community.

After watching people come together across racial, economic, and denominational lines, in 1995 we said “yes” to God’s call to plant Strong Tower Bible Church, a multicultural body of believers. Diversity has marked my teaching and worship leading around the world, and I've been blessed to contribute to a wide variety of worship music projects. Currently I work as a stylist for Evereve, a national fashion and styling company.

My greatest gifts are the four wonderful children that Chris and I have raised, ages 14, 17, 22 and 24. With the love of a mother and the wisdom of a longtime racial bridge builder, I am passionate about producing literary work that will impact the next generation towards lasting change.



ColorFull is my first literary baby and the message is this: Be fully aware of the colors God made! Plants, animals, and especially people – all are created intentionally with color. See it. Celebrate it. Why be colorblind when we can be ColorFull instead!




"Seeing yourself is almost like a message.
It's saying; you matter, you are visible, and you're valuable." 

Christian Robinson